Shipping & Delivery

Wholesale Toners Online strives to make it easy for our clients to shop from us. In order to so, we have devised a competitive and cost-effective shipping policy.

We are based in Canada and will therefore ship to all provinces and territories within Canada’s borders. However, due to variations in shipping costs based on location, our fees also differ based on which area you are located in. Please see below for our shipping rates:

Shipping Rate Within Ontario: $12.50 for the first unit; $1 for each additional unit

Shipping Rate Within Quebec: $15.00 for the first unit; $1 for each additional unit

Shipping Rate Elsewhere Within Canada: $19.50 for the first unit; $1.50 for each additional unit

Example of Shipping Rate Calculation:

If you are buying 10 toner cartridges and are shipping to an address in Ontario, the first unit will cost $12.50 to ship. The remaining 9 units (10 – 1) will cost an additional $1 each. Therefore, the total shipping cost before taxes will be $12.50 + $9 = $21.50. This works out to an average cost of only $2.15 per cartridge. The more you buy the more you save! 

If instead, you were buying 20 toner cartridges, the total cost would be $12.50 + $19 = $31.50. Now, your average shipping cost per unit is only $1.58! See? It really does pay to buy more!

If you are an extremely high-volume client and plan to ship an unusually large number of toners, we can offer preferred shipping rates so you can save even more! Please contact us for more information.